Globalization and translation FAQ

Who does the translation?

You can use our translation services. You can see the prices here. Or you can use your own translators, crowdsourcing, or even people in your company that are bilingual.

What platforms does it work on?

The rendering engine is javascript-based, processed by the browser after the page is sent to the end user, so it works with all platforms.

How many languages does it support?

The system supports translation into any langauge. We currently have translators for 25 languages. But you can use your translators if you prefer.

What about date, times, number formats and currencies?

The system can be configured to auto-format all dates, times and numbers according to the target market. We also can convert currency values based on that day's exchange rate.

Are the translations done by human beings?

Typicallly, yes. Machine translation currently reads sort of like the work of a first grader. But the software can work in conjunction with machine translation for those that want to use it in a limited context and are comfortable with that. Unless otherwise directed, we always use human translation.

Can it translate emails?

Yes! This feature is available to enterprise clients on a limited number of platforms, and can be done without API calls or the import/export of data.

Does it work on mobile?

For websites formatted or targetted for mobile, yes. For native mobile applications, not yet.

What if I go over my limit?

We will auto-upgrade your account to the next tier and let you know what happened by email.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel at any time simply by emailing us at support@globalizeit.com.

What if I have a situation that needs custom programming?

For enterprise clients we have a full-featured object model developers can reference in javascript to get any string, segment, image or configuration information they need that pertains to their account. That information comes straight from the entries made for your account in our online tool and there is no need for manually exporting files from our tool and importing them into your system. All of the data is sent upfront and cached, and already available to the developers without an API call. For server-side languages, we have a similar solution in limited a number of platforms as well.

Will it slow my site down?

The time it takes for our rendering engine to globalize the page is less than 25 milliseconds. Learn more

Do the translations work with SEO?

Yes. Google's most recent spiders read the javascript-altered text, even when the content comes from external .js files as it does in our case. See this article, particularly Dynamically Inserted Content, #2. It is not clear if the other search engines do this.