Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, GPDR

What Information We Collect

To provide our service, we offer the ability for our users to extract segments of text, images, html sections and page names as they appear in the public URL. We store all of that information in our database. We also collect and store the email addresses and GlobalizeIt passwords of all users of the software, so that they can log in and use the system. On this public-facing website, we track usage statistics such as device type, browser type, country of origin and browser language in order to analyze who visits our website. This information is held in aggregate with a third party service, and is never stored in our database. Finally, for those clients that pay monthly via credit card, we store their credit card information including billing address. All credit card information is encrypted using the strongest state-of-the-art encryption algorithms.

How Long We Hold Onto It For

If a customer discontinues using our service, we purge any credit card information from our system. We also purge credit card information at any time at their request, with the understanding that unless they provide another payment method , we have to discontinue the service. We hold onto the strings and translator login information in case they want to come back. However, we also purge all of this information at a customer's written request.

Who We Share it With

The strings, segments, images and customer login ids (but not passwords) are visible internally to certain employees of GlobalizeIt with administrative access. We do not share any customer information, whether individually or in aggregate, with anyone else outside of the company, including third party services, ad networks or social media companies. We will share information with the state or federal government if and only if we receive a subpoena or court order to do so.


If users elect within our UI to 'remember me' during the login, then we save their login information on the computer or device they are on using cookies, so that they do not have to type in their password and log in every time.

Right to be Forgotten

GlobalizeIt respects the GDPR and the right to be forgotten and will purge all client information upon written request.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or wish to have your data purged from our system, please contact us at info@globalizeit.com.

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