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Easily make your site available in different languages for all your audience around the globe.

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globalization for different markets
multiply revenue, expanded customer base

Multiply your revenue
How many products can double or triple your revenue? Ours can because it can dramatically expand your customer base, often into less competitive markets.

no code, quick go live

Go live in weeks, with no IT involvement, in dozens of languages. And the only code change you need is a few lines of javascript.

on the page translation

Work smarter not harder with powerful and unique globalization tools like on-the-page editing, code-free image/segment manipulation, and email translation.

You are missing out on 85% of your market if your website is in only one language. GlobalizeIt gives you a fast, easy and flexible way to launch in multiple markets

multiple markets

Don't just localize it, GlobalizeIt!

Localization, or translation, is only half of globalization. Websites that are only localized will still appear foreign to most users. The other half is 'marketization' - the conditional per-market display and manipulation of images and segments. The unique abilities of our patent-pending tool to handle this without any coding means that your website will be indistinguishable from one that was built in the country the viewer is in. No more untranslated image text or market-inappropriate elements.

See how it works

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Get started and go live quickly

  • Using our translators or yours, GlobalizeIt can get you live in many languages and markets in weeks for a fraction of the cost it would take to do in-house.
  • Almost-zero developer involvement. Just add a few lines of javascript.

Powerful translation capabilities and in-context preview

  • Preview and publish globalization changes instantly, with no build or deployment.
  • Translate and marketize directly on the page.
  • Manipulate sections and images on a page for a given market, without coding.
  • Redesign your website completely without having to redo any of the globalization work.

Enterprise ready with quality support

  • Handle complex highly dynamic enterprise sites.
  • Access your translations, segments and images programmatically for complex edge cases, without API calls.
  • Seamlessly translate emails with the same tools.
  • Translate data-driven content.

World class collaboration

  • Use our world-class translators, which we offer at reasonable rates, or yours.
  • Translators, designers, editors and international project managers work together seamlessly in the same tool.

Launch your site in other languages today.

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