translate and publish without build and deploy

Build and Deploy Free Publishing

Publish your translation changes live instantly, with no build or deployment.

localize images

On-the-Page Image Transformation

International project managers and designers can drag market-specific versions of images directly onto images on the web page to display that image just for that market.

Localize website content segments

On-the-Page Segment Transformation

Globalization professionals can select any segment of the page and either conditionally suppress it in a given market, or change the html all together for that market.

server-side localized and translated content rendering

Server-Side Rendering Engine

Our unique patent-pending server-side rendering engine, available for enterprise clients on select platforms, can do things that no javascript-based globalization system can.

On-the-Page Translation

With our patent-pending software, your web pages become editable. Our translators or yours can double-click any block of text to translate it inline.

View translated website text

Strings List View

Translators can also translate in the Strings List View 'behind' the page.

code-free email translation

Code-Free Email Translation

Only with GlobalizeIt software can you translate emails without coding, just like you do the website. This feature is available with our server-side rendering engine.

Integrated Machine Translation

Integrated Machine Translation

For those who do not mind the low quality of machine translation, or do not mind using it in very limited situations, we provide an auto-translate feature on individual strings.

translated text rendering by DOM listener

DOM Listener

Our DOM Listener listens to javascript-initiated changes on the page and translates them on the spot with human-translated strings, before they appear in the original language.

Automated Date, Number and Time Conversion

Dates, times and numbers can be configured to automatically format on the page appropriately according to market.

fast website translation rendering

Lightning Fast Transformation Time

Our rendering engine typically clocks in at under 25ms to globalize a given page.

localization api

API-Free Extensibility

Your programmers have access to a robust heirarchical object model of globalization data, extensible by them, that they can access for custom programming situations if they need it, without the performance lag or manual coding time of making API calls.

colaboration for translators, editors, graphic designers

Role-Based Collaboration

Translators, editors, graphic designers and international project managers work seamlessly together using the same tool.

platform independent globalization

Platform Independence

Because our rendering engine is javascript-based, it works with any platform.

Release Management

When English strings are changed, they show up to translators as out-of-sync, so they can be translated and pushed live.

masked texts


Using masks, translators can translate sentences only once when certain pieces inside are frequently changing, like "Hello Lana, you have 3 items in your cart."

currency conversion

Currency Conversions

Dollar amounts can be optionally converted according to today's exchange rates.

content management

Content Management

English text, images and segments can be altered directly on the page, and be pushed live immediately, just as foreign language ones can.

Rendering Independence

Rendering Independence

The rendering content and rendering engine for your site's translation is completely independent of our servers. Our servers could be 100% offline and your site's translation will not be affected.

SEO Optimization

We can automatically inject hreflang entries as well as allow you to translate titles and meta tags to optimize your site for SEO in each of your target languages.

Enterprise Websites

Enterprise Websites

We handle large websites with thousands of product pages and many megabytes of text while still rendering those translations with lightning speed.

Publish and Update Safety

Publish and Update Safety

We log all your translation changes so you will never lose any work. You can revert any given string to a previous version, as well as revert an entire publish to a previous restore point.

Translation Freedom

Translation Freedom

You can use your translators, our translators, those of a third party translation company, people in your company that are bilingual, or even your own users. You can order translations from crowd-sourcing translation firm Gengo from directly inside the app, and get your translation back in hours.



Set up descriptions of technical terms specific to your company or business domains to speed up translation.

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